Glutamel History

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Our gluten-free journey began in 1998 when our parent company Norside Foods Ltd started to develop gluten-free pizza bases for coeliac patients in the United Kingdom. The product was produced to NHS standards. In 2002 two further products were added: white and brown petit pains.

By the end of 2008 Norside Foods had built up over a decade of gluten-free production experience so a decision was made to develop a range for the retail sector. The Glutamel brand was born and launched in 2010.

Glutamel secured its first major milestone in 2011 when the brand achieved its first listing with a major UK multiple retailer. A year later Glutamel pizza bases were listed by the UK’s largest pizza delivery company. Today our award winning gluten-free pizza bases can be purchased in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands and Norway.

2015 will see the Glutamel brand listed in a number of new retailers giving consumers more opportunities to purchase our award winning gluten-free brand.